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Subject: TC review of DITA 1.3 Errata 2, Jan 9-15 2018


The DITA 1.3 Errata 02 is available on DITAweb for TC review. This is our final opportunity to review the errata before public review. This is a short review; comments are due by Monday, January 15.

Be sure to review the draft in XHTML or PDF, then enter any comments into DITAweb. (DITAweb can introduce formatting glitches; it is only the review platform).

PDF (Errata + Spec w/Errata incorporated): 

XHTML (Errata + Spec w/Errata incorporated): 

Objectives of the review

Ensure that:

  • The errata document does not contain any typos or glitches.
  • All changes listed in the errata document are clearly change marked in the the DITA 1.3 Errata 02 spec.
  • All changes marked in the body of the DITA 1.3 Errata 02 specification are listed in the errata 02 document.

Using DITAWeb

When you authenticate to https://ditaweb.com/oasis-dita, you should see the errata in the Publications pane under "Open reviews". Your DITAweb user ID should be <first initial><family name>.

If you don't have a DITAweb account, or need DITAweb assistance, let me know.

Thanks to Congility for providing DITAweb and DITAweb support to the TC!

Alan Houser
Group Wellesley, Inc.
Consultant and Trainer, Technical Publishing
arh on Twitter

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