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Subject: Stage 1 proposal: allow properties in section within refbody

Not sure about the formal aspects of a stage 1 proposal, but here is the basic writeup:

While creating API documentation for complex objects I was looking for ways to split the information into sections within the single reference topic. To my surprise, only <simpletable> can be used inside a <section> of a <refbody>. I wanted to use <properties> but that is only allowed in <refbody> or in <refbodydiv>. I could create <refbodydiv> with a <p> figuring as title, but that is ugly and should not be required.

I can think of many similar use cases in machinery industry, where a single reference topic often has a number of clear sections, within which I would want to have the benefit of using the structure given by <properties> rather than the free-form <simpletable>.

My proposal is to allow <properties> in a <section> of <refbody>.


Option 1. Define a <refsection> (much like the <refbodydiv>, which includes both <simpletable> and <properties> in its content model.
Option 2. Redefine the content model for <section> in referenceMod.rng to also include <properties>. (not sure if this is possible)
Option 3. Move <properties> to a domain specialisation, making it available wherever <simpletable> is allowed. (but which domain ?)

My preference would be option 1.

Jang F.M. Graat
Smart Information Design
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cell: +31 646 854 996

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