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Subject: Bug in 1.3 learningMapDomain Declarations: No Default for @format for Maprefs

I just noticed that we (I) failed to specify a default value for the @format attribute as used with learning map references (defined in the learning map domain):

    <define name="learningDomain-mapref-atts" dita:since="1.3">
      <ref name="learningDomain-topicref-atts-no-chunk"/>
        <attribute name="format"/>

The generated DTD reflects the same declaration (that is, the default is "#IMPLIED" rather than "ditamap" as it should be.

The fix is to specify a:defaultValue="ditamap" on this declaration of the @format attribute and in the corresponding declarations in the learningMapDomain DTD and XSD files.

The symptom of this bug is that learningObjectMapRef and learningGroupMapRef do not function correctly as map references unless you explicitly set the @format attribute "ditamap".


Eliot Kimber

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