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Subject: LwDITA issues that spec editors want to promote for TC discussion

Dear DITA TC members,

The LwDITA spec-editing team (Michael Priestley, Alan Houser, and yours truly) would like to bring the following issues for TC discussion. They are both related to an error in the XDITA map grammar files.
I have committed a fix by creating an entity for referencing. See this file:
I arbitrarily named the entity "referencing" and wonder if there's a more accurate/better name that aligns with the spec before I make a new release of the XDITA plugin.

We wonder if there's a domain-relaxing approach that we should discuss to make reuse from DITA to LwDITA easier/possible.


Carlos Evia, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communication
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0112

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