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Subject: Grammar Filename Analysis

Here is my analysis of the grammar files with suggestions for how they should be refined and refactored.

The executive summary is:

- Issues are all in the base grammar files, except for glossary.*, which is obsolete and can simply be removed
- The base module includes grammar modules that are used by other topic and map type modules (e.g., commonElements, tblDecl, etc.). These are not consistently named and should be (see recommendations below)
- These "base" grammar files should be included directly by shells, not by other modules, so that there is a consistent pattern of only shells include other grammar modules, regardless of type. This then enables direct constraint of base element types in the RNG include of a given base module, enabling a class of constraint that is tedious and difficult to do today.
- Add missing .ent files for topic and map modules
- Refactor table pattern/parameter entity names to be consistent with names elsewhere (e.g., ".cnt" for patterns that contribute to larger content models). The table declarations were taken as-is from original OASIS CALS table declarations but since they are used as true DITA elements and not a foreign vocabulary there is no reason not to fully DITAify them and doing so would make automatic manipulation of the declarations much easier.

Fully analysis (Markdown format):

# Grammar Filename Analysis

## General naming patterns

### For shells

- Filename is same as root map or topic type name except:
  - basemap
  - basetopic
  - classifyMap (integrates classification domain)
  - machineryTask (adds machinery-specific constraints)
  - generalTask (unconstrained task)

### For Modules

Module types:

- topic type module
- map type module
- element domain module
- attribute domain module
- constraint module
- base module used from topic or map modules

For DTDs, ".dtd" is for shells, ".ent" for entity modules, ".mod" for declaration modules.

#### Topic type pattern 

- {topicname}Mod.rng
- {topicname}.mod

#### Map type pattern

- {mapname}Mod.rng
- {mapname}.mod

#### Element domain name pattern

Domains have a "long name" and a "short name", e.g., "hightlight" and "hi". The long name is used for the filename, while the short name is used for pattern names and in @domains values.

- {longname}Domain.rng
- {longname}Domain.ent
- {longname}Domain.mod

#### Attribute domain name pattern

- {attname}AttDomain.rng
- {attname}AttDomain.ent
- (No .mod file for attribute domains)

#### Constraint domain name pattern

Constraints are given a name that reflects the nature of the constraint and the element type or attribute being constrained, e.g. "strictTaskbodyConstraintMod.rng".

For a given constrained element type there should (must) only be a single module that applies all constraints to that element type. This means that there cannot be a simple mapping from e.g., element type names to constraint module names but the names must be a bit more creatively named, depending on the constraints to be applied.

Pattern is:

- {constraintname}{constrainedElementType}ConstraintMod.rng
- {constraintname}{constrainedElementType}Constraint.mod
- (no .ent file for constraint modules)

#### Included base module names

There is no consistent pattern in the naming of base modules, although "{name}DeclMod.rng" and "{name}Decl.mod" are the most consistent.

## Module Name Exceptions

- commonElements (should be "commonElementsDecl" to be consistent with other base modules)
- tblDecl (should be "tableDecl" to reflect general principle of using full element type names)
- topicDefn.ent (should be topic.ent)
- There is no map.ent should be created
- glossary.* is obsolete (replaced by glossentry.*)

## Corrections/Refactorings of Modules

- Rename commontElements.* to commonElementsDecl.*
- Rename tblDecl.* to tableDecl.*
- Define separate tableDecl.ent for DTD use
- Rename topicDefn.ent to topic.ent
- Create map.ent to hold element name entities for map.mod
- All included modules should be referenced from shells, meaning no Mod or .mod/.ent file should ever include another module.
  - This enables direct constraint of base elements within references to these modules from RNG shells
- Redefine table pattern/parameter entity names to follow conventions from other modules (e.g., ".cnt" for patterns that contribute to larger content models)
- Remove glossary.*

Eliot Kimber

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