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Subject: Action items from 22 Jan DITA TC meeting

Here are the action items I've extracted from the draft meeting minutes:

# ACTION ITEMS from 22 Jan 2019 DITA TC Meeting

This week:
- Kris/Dawn/Eliot/Ãric? -- Update DITA TC Wiki with DITA NA talks by Eliot and Ãric.
- Kris/Eliot -- Review chunking redesign.
- Scott Hudson -- Review Stage 1 release management domain proposal, make recommendation to TC about whether to move forward. - Kris -- Respond to David Hollis re: his suggested proposal. Gist of response: This is a processing issue, no TC champion has stepped forward. - Kris/Robert -- Schedule meeting to plan how to move proposals from complete to implemented. Also ... consider options for easier-to-use mechanism for tracking proposals.

Unspecified but near-term:
Kris/Dawn -- contact OASIS about support (signage, $?) for TC table at DITA NA.

- Ãric Sirois -- #29 Modify Bookmap design. Eric will query Robert/Eliot. ACTION: February 5
- Eliot -- Remove inconsistent class attributes ACTION: Feb 12
- Eliot -- Remove topicset and topicsetref ACTION: Feb 12
- Eliot -- Deprecate or remove Copy-to ACTION: Feb 26

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