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Subject: Groups - DITA TC Meeting Minutes 22 January 2019 uploaded

Submitter's message
# DITA TC Meeting

22 Jan 2019

11 - noon EST

Recorded by Alan Houser

Link to agenda for this meeting:

## Summary of Action Items from meeting
This week:
- Kris/Dawn/Eliot/Éric? -- Update DITA TC Wiki with DITA NA talks by Eliot and Éric.
- Kris/Eliot -- Review chunking redesign.
- Scott Hudson -- Review Stage 1 release management domain proposal, make recommendation to TC about whether to move forward.
- Kris -- Respond to David Hollis re: his suggested proposal. Gist of response: This is a processing issue, no TC champion has stepped forward.
- Kris/Robert -- Schedule meeting to plan how to move proposals from complete to implemented. Also ... consider options for easier-to-use mechanism for tracking proposals.

Unspecified but near-term:
Kris/Dawn -- contact OASIS about support (signage, $?) for TC table at DITA NA.

- Éric Sirois -- #29 Modify Bookmap design. Eric will query Robert/Eliot. ACTION: February 5
- Eliot -- Remove inconsistent class attributes ACTION: Feb 12
- Eliot -- Remove topicset and topicsetref ACTION: Feb 12
- Eliot -- Deprecate or remove Copy-to ACTION: Feb 26

# Meeting Minutes

## Attendees
Robert Anderson
Deb Bissantz
Carsten Brennecke
Bill Burns
Stan Doherty
Kris Eberlein
Carlos Evia
Alan Houser
Scott Hudson
Eliot Kimber
Chris Nitchie
Keith Schengili-Roberts
Éric Sirois
Dawn Stevens

## Regrets
Nancy Harrison

## Motion to approve minutes from 15 Jan 2019
Minutes approved

## Review of Action Items
Kris - closed
- GitHub issues
- PDF issues
- Email response

Chris Nitchie
- Completed pending checking to SVN

Kieth SR
- Talk to Eric completed

## Report fromm LwDITA Subcommitee
- Committee Note 2 published
- Receiving industry feedback
+ Continue to update page of tools that support LwDITA or are LwDITA-aware. DITA OT has very good support.
+ Engaged tools and vendors. Wiki page has appropriate disclaimer.
+ Tracking industry feedback from users, especially DITA experts. Will track in WIKI page.
+ Continue working on spec. Regular spec meetings Fridays, and unofficial working meetings.

## CMS/DITA NA 2019
- Any talks missing?
- Eliot? Glossary
- Keith and Carlos overlap?
- Dawn on project management metrics
- Actions: Update wiki
- Will have OASIS DITA Vendor table in exhibit hall
Dawn -- Request from Adoption Committee, decided to make it a general table. Table can be staffed, suggest to leave behind literature when table is not staffed. Or ask questions.
Dawn is also planning DITA Doctor sessions.
Dawn will provide conference schedule.
Other Adoption committee members will be present
Kris suggestion - Signage?
OASIS contribution, financial or otherwise for exhibit space?

Discussion: Goals for Table (Kris)
- Find members of OASIS organizations at the conference? Encourage further involvement?
- Communicate w/DITA community about what work we do?
- Can we get attendee list from Dawn? Or at least member companies? Dawn: Yes, company list is not subject to individual privacy preferences.
- Table Leads: Tom M. and Nancy previously expressed interest; Deb, Carlos expressed interest.

## Review of DITA 2.0 Proposal Deadlines
- Anderson/Redesign Chunking - Stan has reviewed. Kris requested one additional reviewer? ACTION: Kris will be additional reviewer. ACTION: Eliot will review this week.
- Eliot/Class attribute and Remove Topicset - ACTION: Feb 12?
- Eliot/Deprecate or remove Copy-to: ACTION: Feb 26
- Dawn/Title-less topics: Andersen will update based on recent TC discussion.

## DITA 2.0 stage one proposals
- Discussion: New stage one proposal. New container that goes into topics. Peer of body. Holds resolved conrefs/keyrefs. Allows editor to work with resolved content, w/o resolving conrefs. [https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita/email/archives/201901/msg00023.html](https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita/email/archives/201901/msg00023.html)
- TC general consensus. Processors can do this. Should not be part of the specification.
- Requires a TC champion. No volunteers.
- Stan suggestion: Create a parking lot for this sort of proposals? Kris/Robert - Even doing that is fraught with peril. Can present a maintenance burden.
- Chris Nitchie - Suggested framing: Standard is created to support authors in creating content that can be formed into consumable documentation. Anything outside authoring is outside the boundaries of the specification.
- Kris: ACTION ITEM - Will respond to submitter on-list. This is a processing issue, nobody on the TC willing to champion this.

## Review status of DITA 2.0 proposals in progress
- #29 Modify Bookmap design. Assigned to Eric. Eric will query Robert/Eliot. ACTION: February 5 target.
- #16 (stage 3) - Add titlealts to maps. Chris N defers committing a date for now.
- #107 (stage 3) - Add strong and em elements. Stage 3 reviewers -- Bill Burns and Scott Hudson.
- #105 redesign chunking - previously discussed.
- #15 loosen attribute specialization rules (Chris N) -- Can't commit to a date at this time.
- Proposals complete - ACTION (this week): Kris and Robert ... Meeting to plan how to move proposals from complete to implemented. Also ... create wiki page or easier-to-use artifact than current wiki page.
- Discussion of Stage 1 Proposals - Became proposals but nobody has advanced them.
- #163 (stage 1) - Make schemeref more generally available. Kris: Reference for extension of subject scheme. Not implemented even in toolkit. Suggestion: Look at more closely.
- #123 (stage 1) - Property tables in reference topics - Assigned to Robert, moved to stage 2.
- Title-less topic - Moved to stage 2
- #114 User defined topicref formatter values - Chris N. Withdrawn
- #97 waiting for Eliot bandwidth
- #96 Awaiting Kris action item on metadata
- (Unnumbered) Scott: Consider how to indicate that release mgmt domain usage should result in generated topic, based on query from Stefan. Kris suggestion: ACTION review materials in card, make recommendation to TC about moving forward.
- Kris request to TC members ... look through list this week.

Adjourned noon EST

-- Alan Houser
Document Name: DITA TC Meeting Minutes 22 January 2019

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Submitter: Alan Houser
Group: OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC
Folder: Meeting Notes
Date submitted: 2019-01-24 12:33:14

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