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Subject: Possible bug in Classification map XSD

My developers found this issue and asked the oXygen developers about it. Radu entered the following DITA-OT issue #3202. I’m not sure this is an OT issue.


This Classification DITA Map based on the XML Schema should be considered valid:



    <map xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"











but it's not.

In the XML Schema "org.oasis-open.dita.v1_3\schema\subjectScheme\xsd\classifyMap.xsd" next to this group reference:



    <xs:group ref="glossref-d-topicref"/>


there should be another one:



    <xs:group ref="classify-d-topicref"/>



Deb Bissantz

Applications Engineer

Vasont Systems

A TransPerfect Company

221 W. Philadelphia St., Suite 114

York, PA  17401


t +1 717.793.3883




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