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dita message

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Subject: action items from today's TC call

are here:

1. Nancy will create mockup of 2.0 techcomm package, especially grammar files.
2. Kris will send out announceent to other TC members to see if they want to join TC dinner at DiTA/NA
3. Kris will provide more info about Weds. panel for online agenda;Â will ping dawn about it; Kris and Robert have 2.0 slides to provide, but would like to see slides from any TC members doing a 2.0 presentation
4. Tom will create a summary of examples in arch spec.
5. All TC members: look thru Chris's conformance email and 1.3 normative statements; what's missing? what's duplicative? what's nonsensical? How should we mark them up so we can get a clean extraction to build an appendix?

Minutes will be out as soon as I get a small piece of missing data.

Nancy Harrison
Infobridge SolutionsÂ

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