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Subject: Feeder questions for Wednesday afternoon session

1)	DITA 2.0 doesnât have to be backwards compatible. 
	a.	What does that mean to my current adoption? 
	b.	How easy will it be to move to DITA 2.0? 
	c.	What happens if I choose not to? 
	d.	What will be the compelling reasons to change and how will you help me? 
	e.	Can I pick and choose what I want? 
	f.	What are my options if I still need elements or attributes that are being removed? 
2)	What are the âheavy hittersâ for DITA 2.0? What are you most excited to see get implemented?
3)	DITA 2.0 is separating âbase ditaâ from the technical communication domain. 
	a.	What does this mean practically speaking? 
	b.	How does that impact me? 
	c.	How did I know what is in each domain? 
	d.	Will it be harder to update and manage as a result? 
	e.	What is distinction between base and lightweight?
4)	Is it still possible to suggest enhancements for DITA 2.0? How do I go about doing that?
5)	When can we expect DITA 2.0 to be released? 
	a.	How long before we need to worry about it? 
	b.	What steps can we be taking now to prepare?
6)	Media elements are being added prior to DITA 2.0. 
	a.	Are they considered part of 1.3 or a precursor to 2.0? 
	b.	Will there be an approval process for it to be officially part of the standard?
7)	Will any DITA 2.0 functions be ingested into LW DITA? (What is the impact of DITA 2.0 on LW DITA?)

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