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Subject: Action items and other useful info from last meetings minute


Minutes are not totally ready for submission or vote, but here are action items, and content we may be covering today:

1. Eliot will look at question of whether we need to have SVG zip file in techcomm grammar folder
2. Kris and Tom will discuss creating a more substantive summary of example files

7. Content of the Technical Content package for DITA 2.0
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201904/msg00000.html (Harrison, 02 April 2019)
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ More info from Harrison
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201904/msg00002.html (Harrison on 28 March, forwarded by Eberlein on 02 April 2019)
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201904/msg00003.html (Harrison on 28 March, forwarded by Eberlein on 02 April 2019)
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ New item
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201904/msg00010.html (Harrison, 08 April 2019)
Kris; let's go over the issues brought up in the last email.
Nancy gave overview;Â
1. classifyMap grammar file is in techcomm but not base;
- Kris; background is for 1.2, we shipped subjectscheme-related files only in base, and as a result, users without techcomm package didn't know why they didn't have access to glossref (part of techcomm), so for 1.3 we put classifyMap in techcomm pkg.
- Eliot; that aligns with my [dim] memory of the decision.
- Robert; mine as well; we decided that since classifyMap included glossref, it should be treated as a techcomm map.
- Nancy; so it sounds as if it should be removed from the subjectscheme folder, and just put directly into the 'techcomm/[dtd|rng|schema]' folders, with a dependency on subjectscheme in base?
- Robert; yes
- Kris; these issues bring up questions both about what is the topoology of the grammar files, and what actual domains should we include in the shells we distribute.

2. structure for grammar files
- Kris; comments on this?
- Robert; I'd like to keep techcomm grammar files in same github directory as base; we want people who install techcomm to get everything they need.
- Kris; except, this may not work with OASIS packaging; when we release DITA 2.0, we'd only release grammar files for base; we'd thought that for techcomm 2.0, we'd only release techcomm grammar files.
- Robert; I hope that's not the case; it would make it impossible for folks to use it unless they're experts. I see base DITA as a dependency, like SVG and MathML, where we package the external files along with our own grammar files.
- Kris; do we want to query OASIS about thta, or simply say this is what we want to do, and go ahead and do it for 2.0? I don't know about all of this; hard part is the part about separating the base from techcomm specs. These questions were asked a couple of years ago, of the techcomm SC, and the SC never answered them. The answers for the grammar files are obvious, the spec is harder. I suspect we need to separate specs; have techcomm contain only techcomm, and have it point to base 2.0.
- Nancy; that sounds reasonable to me.
- Scott; so do we treat techcomm like a submodule, or a fork, in github terms, of base dita? The reason for splittig them is that there could be a hotfix or errata to techcomm that doesn't affect the base.
- Nancy; and alternatively, could there be changes to base that techcomm would be able to use?
- Kris; there's no arch spec piece in the techcomm spec; it's only language ref.
[discussion on hazardstatement; it turns out it does need to be used for things like marketing, for drug marketing hazard statements, so it needs to stay in base]
- Alan; there's lots of history, but most folks use techcontent package.
- Kris; but a lot of users just use base; with most of my clients, I start with basetopic.
- Eliot; in publishing domain, techcontent is never used
Nancy; what about the SVG zip file in the techcomm folder?
- Eliot; I did that
- Nancy; can you look at it.
***ActionItem: Eliot will look at question of whether we need to have SVG zip file in techcomm grammar folder
- Kris; we're free to change directory structure in 2.0, but we should be aware if we're going to break paths in users' grammar files; we can do it, but we need to be aware of when we're adding work to migration, and we have to give guidance on how to migrate. And some tools don't use catalog resolution, because of dependencies on other tools, so paths aren't resolvable.

8. Notes from the meeting to review examples Stan proposed during the DITAweb review"
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201903/msg00040.html (Magliery, 26 March 2019)
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ Points for TC consideration:
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ Guidelines for examples in element-reference topics
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ Guidelines for examples in (currently) archSpec topic
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ Action item: Harvest recommendations for specific DITA 2.0 topics and add them to list
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ New item
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ Examples in "archSpec" topics from DITA 1.3 spec
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201904/msg00008.html (Magliery, o4 April 2019)
- Kris; one AI from last week was Tom's.
- Tom; I noticed that examples in these topics are mixture of code xample with intro sentence and other much longer prose descriptions; if I were to do soething diff, I'd extract just example elements rather than topics.
- Kris; there are 2 types of examples in arch spec topics;
1. simple case; a single topic about a subject, and a single example at end.
2. for more complex subjects and long topic or topics about subject, then an example topic with examples.
- Tom; in longer topic clusters, that's where I saw a whole topic that was basically only an example, with just a line or two of text.
- Kris; actually, I think it's the other way around.
- Tom; type 2 is e.g., with keys, or subjectScheme. I don't know what we're going to do with this info. Would there be a diff doc than the one I created that would be more useful?
- Kris; let's talk about this.
***ActionItem; Kris and Tom will discuss creating a more substantive summary of example files

9. Continuing item: What to do about all the LwDITA threads on the agenda?
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201903/msg00034.html (Eberlein, 26 March 2019)
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ Need volunteer not involved in the thread to review e-mails and minutes, create Wiki page to track. The "archived threads" are #14-18 on the agenda archived at https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/Agenda-19-March-2019
[Nancy volunteered for after easter]
- Alan; on the agenda. how is this different from all of the DITA threads?
- Kris; this is related to how we resolve all the items down the road.

Nancy Harrison
Infobridge SolutionsÂ

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