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Subject: Volunteer needed

The DITA TC needs a voting member to volunteer to keep the cards at https://github.com/oasis-tcs/dita/projects/2 up-to-date. Specifically, this means:

  • Adding a new card when we approve a new stage one proposal
  • Adding info to existing cards when:
    • Reviewers are assigned to a proposal
    • A proposal is discussed at the TC
    • A proposal is voted on at the TC
  • Moving a card from one column to another, when a proposal is advanced
  • Etc

This work can be done during the TC meeting -- or after the minutes are submitted, if you miss a TC meeting. And it does not require the level of DITA expertise that many other TC task need.


Kristen James Eberlein
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Principal consultant, Eberlein Consulting
+1 919 622-1501; kriseberlein (skype)

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