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Subject: loss of Yahoo dita-users archive; does the TC want/need to respond to this in any way?


Yahoo is about to dramatically reduce the functionality of Yahoo groups, by removing their archiving functionality. They will continue to serve as email exchanges, but once the email are transmitted, they will no longer be saved or archived. Given the frequent use we make of the dita-users group for engaging with DITA users, do we in the TC need to respond to this? I can't remember whether we, or someone acting as a TC member, started the dita-users group, but I know we've used its archives to research customer attitudes about various features, etc.

Just wondering if we should put this on next week's agenda.ÂÂ I'm guessing that if someone was willing to moderate a googlegroups account, the archives could probably be moved over to it.


Nancy Harrison
Infobridge SolutionsÂ

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