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Subject: Minor defect in change-historylist grammar files

The release management domain consists of a container element <change-historylist>, specialized from <metadata>, and a bunch of child elements specialized from <data>.

The DITA 1.3 spec topic for the container accurately lists the attributes for that container -- they match what is available on <metadata>:

However - in the grammar files, the <change-historylist> element is defined as having the same <data> elements as its children.

This is clearly a bug, and should be fixed in 2.0.

For 1.3 -- we've already got a GitHub branch open with one quite trivial errata item, which will not actually be shipped as an official errata but is available to anyone who needs it. Should this fix also be made in that branch?
Robert D. Anderson
DITA-OT lead and Co-editor DITA 1.3 specification
Marketing Services Center

E-mail: robander@us.ibm.com

11501 BURNET RD,, TX, 78758-3400, AUSTIN, USA

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