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Subject: Updates: Plan for adding a glossary to the DITA 2.0 spec

Hi --
Deb Bissantz, Scott Hudson, and Stan Doherty met last Monday (02-03-2020) to construct a plan for adding a glossary to the DITA 2.0 spec. Here's what we have by way of a working plan.

Deb, Scott, and Stan are planning the following:

1. Initial inventory: We'll walk through the current 1.3 spec, identifying terms and the locations of potential definitions/descriptions:
  a.  Deb -   2.1 - Introduction to DITA, 2.2 - DITA Markup, 2.3 - DITA Addressing
  b. Scott - 2.4 - DITA Processing, 2.5 - Configuration, specialization, generalization, and constraints, 2.6 - Coding practices for DITA grammar files
  c. Stan - 3.x Element Reference

  First-pass milestone: March 1, 2020
  Tracking Google sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Zo05FW59SpejoyELkbw5I_oKh5N3_8BeT9AolMeonCI/edit#gid=0

2. Initial inventory review: Deb, Scott, and Stan review and discuss results.

3. TC review of the initial inventory: The TC reviews the updated initial inventory.

4. Implementation: Deb. Scott, and Stan build the glossary in parallel with DITA 2.0 spec development.

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