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dita message

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Subject: link to ditamap from a topic

Hi Folks

We are discussing the matter of having topics link to ditamaps through xrefs or link elements.

It seems the spec does not disallow a link to a ditamap. (https://dita.xml.org/content/00340729-SD_3/SD00340023/)

It seems that cross deliverable links have some discussion in the 1.3 spec but that focus in linking to topics in a peer map.ÂÂ What about same deliverable links to a map?

1. Is it legal to link from a topic to a map for the same deliverable?

2. What would the possible semantics for a processor be for the same deliverable - navigate to a table of contents?

3. Is this really just a bad idea that nobody should do - for example would the open toolkit handle it.

Also, if something has been written on this let me know.



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