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Subject: Re: [dita] Draft of Stage 2 Proposal "Remove fastpath Value from note/@type"

I could not find any issues with the current stage 2 proposal. Good work!

However, I found that @fastpath is also referenced in the description of <hazardstatement> in DITA 1.3 (http://docs.oasis-open.org/dita/dita/v1.3/errata02/os/complete/part3-all-inclusive/langRef/base/hazardstatement.html), since it refers to the general type attributes, and thus also the fastpath attribute. And this doesn't match the respective grammar file defining the attribute list for hazardstatement.

Then, I looked up the current specification/langRef/base/hazardstatement.dita of the DITA spec, which correctly describes what's defined in the grammar. So I guess, someone already did the necessary editorial work and we won't see it in DITA 2.0 :-)

The only question from my side here: is it necessary for the DITA 2.0 (migration/release notes) doc to mention dropping the @fastpath attribute from the description of <hazardstatement>, although it was technically not a valid attribute? ...which would then affect also other type attributes such as restriction, attention, trouble, etc.?


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