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Subject: Response to Comments on "Feature #107 Add strong and em elements, and redefine b and i in a more semantic manner"

Please find the freshly updated version of this stage three proposal in DITA and PDF format attached.

And here are my responses to the requests for changes/updated, which are reflected in this version.:

Eliot: "In the reference topics the paragraph for the allowed attributes is duplicated"
- Fixed.

Carlos: "I found a couple of typos in the "taskmod.rng" description, when you introduce strong and then em and say that "Typically, it's content," when it should be "its" in both cases."
- Fixed.

Carlos: "Some of your examples have bold elements that go beyond the component that you want to highlight."
- Fixed.

Carlos: For compatibility with "LwDITA shortdescs... they need to be simple statements that avoid the use of XML-centric terms like 'element'."
- shortdescs have been shortened further, and references to "element" removed.

Carlos: "Whenever you need to use 'element' in the body of the topic, then you will need to add conditional attributes to mark it as platform=dita or lwdita" - This was tricky, since the phrasing of "element" in some contexts would not work if it were absent. So I rephrased things so that the word "element" now only appears in the legacy descriptions, the DTD code, or in passages that are specific to this proposal.

Stan: "If you are redefining <b> and <i>, why not call them out explicitly as transitional elements?" - Good point! I have added a line to the descriptions for <b> and <i> to this effect.

Stan: "The DocBook <emphasis> element serves such a purpose. Why not consider lead-in heads as another application for <em>" - I looked up the <emphasis> element in the DocBook spec and didn't see any mention of it for that purpose there. I think that the material that is already there is sufficient and that we don't have to spell out every scenario in which it could be used.


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