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Subject: Re: [dita] Meeting cancelled for today

Hi all,

All is well at CIDM/Comtech and I am personally simply relieved to have some certainty about exactly what we will be doing for DITA NA and DITA Europe. IT seems we've pivoted (a word I'm coming to despise) many times already, so it's good to say this is for sure what we are committed to. By now I'm hoping you have received our announcement of what is happening to DITA NA and DITA Europe this year (I gave a preview of that in the last meeting) -- if not, you may not be on our "opt-in" list for CIDM events and you might want to be added __. 

For the new event, I would like to have a DITA expert panel on our main stage live stream during the conference. The concept on the main stage presentations is that they will be panel discussions about a topic of interest. Specific presentations will be in the library and individual presenters will have zoom rooms (think tracks) throughout the day to discuss their topic, but the main stage stream will be of larger topics of interest -- not really centered around a specific person's presentation, but an opportunity for a group of people to share insights on trends and such in the industry. So I would like to schedule a panel (similar to the open forums we've done at the last couple of conferences) on DITA 2.0. This forum will have some predefined questions which will be distributed ahead of time (and certainly discussed and agreed to by the panelists as to what are the best questions to highlight). Questions might include:

What one thing are you most excited about in the forthcoming DITA 2.0?
What things should existing DITA users be prepared for in order to migrate to DITA 2.0?
What about DITA 2.0 might compel a company that hasn't yet moved to DITA to do so?
What is the process and timing for getting DITA 2.0 approved?

And there will be a live stream slack channel for questions from the audience that the moderator will also ask.

For logistics sake in terms of live feed, I need no more than three people to volunteer to be on that panel. It is also possible that we will want to do this twice -- the new program runs from 3:30 AM eastern to 7:30 PM eastern in order to provide prime hours for Europe as well as the US, plus some for India (and yes, I will be moderating it all). So depending on who might volunteer, we might have two different panels to put this discussion in prime time for all time zones. 

Let me know if you be willing to do this (in addition to any presentation you are already signed up) and the times (in Eastern, so I don't get confused by who is where) that you would be available so I can get schedules in place.


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    Please check in and let me know how you are doing.


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