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Subject: Removing glossary stubs from 2.0 package

I donât think this should cause any problems, but I wanted to provide notice before making the change.


In DITA 1.1 we added the âglossentryâ topic type. Originally the grammar files for these were all named âglossary.*â because we talked about it as the glossary topic â but this broke a lot of patterns we otherwise use consistently for file naming. In DITA 1.2 we changed the grammar files to âglossentry.*â but couldnât remove the originals for backwards compatibility reasons.


Those originals still exist, and as you can see, just redirect to the glossentry file:



I plan to remove these from the 2.0 repository (both DTD and RNG versions), as we originally expected when setting up those shells. I think they just missed the âremove deprecated stuffâ tickets because they are not mentioned anywhere in the spec source itself.


Thanks â


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