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Subject: Deprecated item in grammar files - nbsp

I was reminded today that our DITA 1.0 grammar files defined one (and only one) HTML character entity, the NBSP:



As you can see following that link, there is a comment in the grammar file marking it deprecated. Iâm pretty sure that comment dates back to DITA 1.1 (I know itâs in the 1.2 files). The entity is only valid against the topic DTD, not the XSD or RNG.


Given that history, I think this should have been included in the proposal to remove deprecated items, but we just scanned the spec itself for that, and this entity is never mentioned in the spec. Unless there is a proposal to add it back, we should go ahead and clean this item up.


I just asked Kris about the best way to handle that sort of missed item, and she suggested amending the âremove deprecated itemsâ proposal to include this; we could also add in the item from a couple weeks back that removed a deprecated glossary.dtd shell.


Any comments or concerns?


Thanks â


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