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Subject: The return of the fastpath

Back in May of 2017, Tom raised the idea of removing the value âfastpathâ from the note elementâs type attribute. The consensus seemed to be âYeah, itâs really trivial, but it doesnât seem like anyone is using itâ. Over the next couple years, Iâd say the TC spent far more time discussing that than it really warranted, given how little impact the value has. It finally passed as a stage 2 proposal early this year, just as Covid came along; our notes indicate that it should be implemented without worrying about stage 3, because it was so trivial.


Iâm really trying to clean up all the outstanding spec work weâve got, and saw that it hadnât been implemented yet. I noted that in the github issue, which quickly drew a âwait, Iâm using that!â response â itâs being used, and used as intended:



Given this example of a real-world, valid use of the value, and given how low priority this was for everyone to begin with, Iâd like to suggest that we quietly leave it as is, and with luck, never spend more than a few minutes talking about it again.


Hereâs where Iâd usually ask for other thoughts, but given how anxious I am to stop talking about this token, instead I think Iâll ask: would anybody object to leaving this token alone, unchanged for 2.0, among the many other values also present on the note elementâs type attribute?




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