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Subject: description for new OASIS Open DITA specialization repository in GitHun


I started to write up a shortdesc and a description for the new open specialization Github repo, the one we're planning to create to put specializations either created outside the official specification, or originally created by the TC, but no longer maintained by us as of DITA 2.0.Â

Do we have a current list of the ones we're planning to include in that repo? I think the description should include a list of what we're putting in to start, and a note for anyone who adds one to update the description to include it.

Also, I'm not sure whether I signed on to update the shortdesc/description for the tools repo as well, or if Eliot is doing that. It looks like it only needs some language around 1) the use of tools to create monolithic XSD schemas as well as modules, and 2) using it for any tools that work on our grammar files. Or am I missing something?


Nancy Harrison
Infobridge SolutionsÂ

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