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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Customizing DocBook

godoy@conectiva.com.br writes:
 > > When did you last drink coca-cola, eat a hamburger, or a pre-made
 > > pizza? were they the best food you could find?
 > Hmmm... The situation a _little_ different here. Although they were
 > not the best food I've eaten, they made their job: feeding me. 

so fire up a web browser and hit the "print" button. the result is
readable/eatable, isn't it?

 > DSSSL can't make a few things that are needed in many places (like
 > placing a line on the top of a page with "Chapter X - XYZ    page #"
 > above it). 

I don't see why not, actually. should be easy, I would expect. If I
could remember any DSSSL at all...

 > I don't think it's a matter of changing some standard, it's "just"
 > implementing it at it's full capacity. DSSSL is too complex,
 > unfortunately, and hasn't been fully implemented yet... 

which is why I, and others, have effectively abandoned it in favour of 
XSL FO, in the hope that this *will* be fully implemented


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