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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: cocoon and norms xsl-sheets

Hello again.
Another question.. print is king.

Have any of you used cocoon (the version i may use is 1.7.3) successfully with Norm's newest xsl? Not me...

I am worried.. Within less than 24 hours i must have managed to output this document to a good printable. I guess emacs-pretty-print-buffer doesn't qualify..
	(Yes, no, i am not ahead of time much..)

Cocoon i have access to, but not much experience with.. neither am i particularily skilled as an xsl(t) hacker. It is supposedly able, but..am i? : 
so.. Cocoon cares:
For html? -i should think this would be clean tweakless deal (?)
For creating fot? -in this respect i am optimisticic!
only what will i manage to do with it.. 
 Are there any tools i should consider to install for this, like a readymade something, e.g. -"fo2rtf","fot2pdf", or similar,  in lunix naming terms..? 
For creating rtf/pdf/latex/tex/dvi/ps/any-decent-printable-format? -almost pessimistic here..
Any particular concerns? 


teLmin@oL.teLia.no <<<java<is<not<my>cup>of>tea>>>

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