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Subject: floating tables? table bug in 1.54 stylesheets


I am using Docbook 3.1, Norm's 1.54 dsssl stylesheets, and pdfjadetex 2.7 on Redhat 6.1. When my tables wind up at the bottom of a page, they are split across the page boundary. Figures and equations float fine, but not tables. In dbblock.dsl, I find

(define (named-formal-objects)
  (list (normalize "figure")
        (normalize "table")
        (normalize "example")
        (normalize "equation")))
which I haven't overruled in my driver. Later on in dbblock.dsl, I find
(element table
  ;; can't be a "formal-object" because it requires special handling for
  ;; the PGWIDE attribute
  (let* ((nsep   (gentext-label-title-sep (gi)))...
Is there a known bug that prevents floating tables?

I am pretty sure there is a bug in the 1.54 stylesheets which breaks horizontal alignment in table entries. Alignment is correct for tex output in 1.53, but all table entries are aligned left when I use 1.54

A simple example illustrates both of these points:

Kevin M. Dunn
Department of Chemistry
Hampden-Sydney College
HSC, VA 23943
(804) 223-6181
(804) 223-6374 (Fax)

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