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Subject: RE: XSL stylesheet for QandASet element.

> I have been modifying the DocBook XSL stylesheets (v1.15) to
> cope with the 'qandaset' element for FO output. Let me first
> signal that this is the first XSL that I've written. The
> conversion of the qandaset could probably be done much better,
> but my stylesheet gives me a basic Question and Answer list. I
> have inspired myself by looking at the itemizedlist XSL
> templates.

> Quick question: how do I retrieve the correct translated
> strings? I looked in other files for examples, but could not
> detect the mechanism. The strings "question" and "answer" are
> already present in the stylesheets. 
> BTW, any other remarks are ALWAYS welcome!

I've *missed* both 'question' literal, and
(way I use it) an *author* literal, since I'm collating
others work (www.dpawson.co.uk)

I'll have a play with the stylesheet over the next day or
so and see if I can assist.

Do you have any layout that you could specify in some way?

Regards, DaveP


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