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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Registered trademark

On 21 Jun 2000, Norman Walsh wrote:

> / Yves Dorfsman <dorfsmay@cuug.ab.ca> was heard to say:
> | I'm writing something about UNIX, and want to add the circled r
> | (&reg;) after it. The way I do it is:
> | 
> | <trademark class=Registered>UNIX</trademark>
> | 
> | But what I get is just a superscript "TM".
> [Follow-ups to docbook-apps, please]
> Using what tool?

sgmltools, which calls jade and jadetex

> | Is this what is supposed to happen ??
> No.

So I should get my &reg; ??

> | Am I supposed to deal with this in the style sheet (I haven't created any
> | stylesheet, I use jade the way it is implemented on Debian. So I guess
> | there is a default style sheet in jade, or a default behaviour in the
> | abscence of a style sheet).
> Hmm, that'd be my dsssl stylesheets, I guess. HTML or print backend?

Tried in both (to be honest I'm not printing, I check the .ps file with

So, where is the result of 

        <trademark class=Registered>UNIX</trademark>

defined ?? In DocBook itself, or in the stylesheet ?


Yves Dorfsman                                        dorfsmay@cuug.ab.ca

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