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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: DOCBOOK: More problems with DocBook and Spanish.

Kevin Conder escribió:

> >       If you read Spanish, I've tried to document this problem and its fix:
> > http://LuCAS.HispaLinux.ES/~olea/docbook/problemas-db-es.html
>         No hablo espanol...  I used DocBook to create a manual for work
> (in English).  Someone else at work translated the manual into Spanish.
> I'm trying to publish it.

	Oh, sorry.

>         I tried using Babelfish (babelfish.altavista.com) to look at your
> page.  It's hard to understand its translation.  


	It's not a very formal text.

> Could you give a summary
> of what to do in English?  Thanks for the prompt reply and all of your
> help.

	From the hyphenation configuration change sphyph.tex for
http://LuCAS.HispaLinux.ES/~olea/docbook/eshyph.tex and get the latest
version of jadetex and hyperref.

	Hope it helps.

	A.Ismael Olea González


	El mundo debe empezar a tener miedo a un planeta DEF

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