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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: HTML default appearance with DocBook 4.1 --- "improvement"???

>In that case, I have it backwards.  The stylesheets don't yet handle

>I replaced every instance of "artheader" with "articleinfo" in
>html/dbinfo.dsl, html/dbcompon.dsl, and common/dbcommon.dsl--it looks good.
> Obviously, if you still need to format 3.1 documents, you'll need a more
>sophisticated fix.

It is necessary to make the same change to the print stylesheets
otherwise the title and address are not printed in a larger font than
the body.

Ian W Moor                     Department of Computing,     
  i.moor@doc.ic.ac.uk          Imperial College.            
  Tel +44 20 7594 8250         180 Queensgate               
                               London SW7 2BZ UK.               

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