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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Questions Concerning Style Sheets

Holger Rauch wrote:

> Ok, so here are my questions (thanks in advance for taking your time):

I don't have answers for all your questions, but maybe other people will
post too.

First, you should use a customized stylesheet in which you can make 
all the necessary changes (see e.g. "4.4. Customizing the Stylesheets" 
in "DocBook; The Definitive Guide").

> 1. Why does all text come out left justified instead of justified? And
> how can I change that so that the standard alignment for paragraphs is
> justified rather than left justified?

(define %default-quadding% 'justify)
in the print part of your custom stylesheet.

> 2. What about hyphenation? When I converted a document to either RTF or
> TeX using

(define %hyphenation% #t)
in the print part of your custom stylesheet.

> 5. Are there any free (and good) WYSIWYG programs available for writing
> DocBook documents in addition to LyX and tksgml?

I prefer (X)Emacs with psgml.

> 6. How can I produce a table of contents in an article? (<toc></toc> does
> NOT work).

(define %generate-article-toc% #t)
to your custom stylesheet.

> 10. The revision history of a document is formatted poorly. There is no
> space between the revision number, the date, and the author initials. (I'm
> referring to the print version of the style sheets). Why?

This was discussed about 6 months ago on DocBook ML. As a workaround 
there was a change in the stylesheets (if you use v1.54, they should 
contain this workaround). To make this work you have to specify 
"-V tex-backend" to jade.

Michael Wiedmann   office:  <michael.wiedmann@detewe.de>
                   private: <mw@miwie.in-berlin.de>

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