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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Paper Size & Headers


I got a few questions concerning DSSSL style sheets:

1. How is the default paper size determined? Do I have to override an
existing style sheet or does it depend on the lang attribute? (This
applies to both the HTML and the print variant of the modular docbook
style sheets. I have seen many lines chooped off when printing an HTML
document using Netscape's print command.) 

2. I would like customize the page headers and footers in the following

For odd numbered pages:


company_logo           author's name                    Revision number
                      document title      complete date in national format

followed by a horizontal line. That means the company logo should appear
on the left side and should span two lines, the author's name should
appear in the center, the word "Revision" followed by the revision number
should appear right justified. The second line of the header should
consist of the document title which is supposed to be centered, and the
date should appear right justified. Is it possible to take different date
formats into account when doing this?


A horizontal line followed by:

file name             Page x of y                copyright holder and year

For even numbered pages:


Revision number            author's name                  company logo
                         document title

followed by a horzontal line


A horizontal line followed by

copyright holder and year   Page x of y                 file name

Is it possible to take different languages into account at this
point. This would be useful for the date, for the page numbering and the
word "Revision".

By the way, I was already looking at a few DSSSL tutorials, but in my
point of view they don't show you how to create a suitable layout
(including page margings, headers and footers, etc.) from scratch. Or can
someone point me to a good URL?

The tutorials I read were:

- Chapter 4.4 of "DocBook: The Definitive Guide"
- The Tutorial written by Mr. German
- Another tutorial somewhere below www.mulberrytech.com

Thanks for taking your time. Any help is greatly appreciated!



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