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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Creating or converting PDF images

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rosss@research.oneworld.com wrote:

> > I was trying to work around this by generating PDF files myself, to
> > see if I could get better quality, and then see if it would make it
> > into the PDF document from there.  So far I haven't had any luck.
> Well, it looks like I may have figured this out.  My PNG images are
> 74x74 dpi.  The conversion stuff is expecting 72x72 (I think).
> If I convert the images with ImageMagic using:
> convert -density 74 foo.png foo.epdf
> The image quality is right.
> Somebody correct me if this sounds too weird to be happening this way...
> Thanks,
> Sean Ross
> Corvallis, Oregon, USA
> rosss@research.oneworld.com

I didn't convert at all, just used your png file directly. The quality looks
identical to that of your original file. But
ImageMagick does assume 72 dpi unless you tell it otherwise. Check out:

Kevin M. Dunn
Department of Chemistry
Hampden-Sydney College
HSC, VA 23943
(804) 223-6181
(804) 223-6374 (Fax)

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