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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Scaling graphics in rtf output

I have produced some documentation marked up using DocBook and converted
to HTML using OpenJade1.3 and Docbook DSSSL stylesheets. I have had a
request for producing RTF for use in Word. I have just tried altering
the backend and I can produce and rtf file. My problem is that the
illustrations are in jpg format and in Word seem to be bigger than using
Netscape or IE.

Is there any way of setting the scaling factor for all graphics being
'printed' to be 75%. There does not seem to be anything suitable in the
documentation of the stylesheets. Doing a search through the docbook dsl
files there seems to be something that might work in
docbook/print/dbgraph.dsl where the word scale appears when defining the
graphic object but I don't understand how to modify it.

Of course the openjade rtf backend might not support scaling of images.

If anyone has any ideas.



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