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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: SQL commands markup

/ Jorge Godoy <godoy@conectiva.com> was heard to say:
| >     INTO TABLE tbl_name
| >     [FIELDS
| >         [TERMINATED BY 't']
| >         [OPTIONALLY] ENCLOSED BY '']
| >         [ESCAPED BY '\' ]]
| >     [IGNORE number LINES]
| >     [(col_name,...)]
| I'm not an SQL expert, but some of my authors are requesting me that. 

I think we'd need some imput from SQL experts here. At first glance,
that looks like it could be:

<cmdsynopsis role="sql">
<command>load data</command>
<arg choice="req">infile
  <arg choice="req">'<replaceable>file_name.txt</replaceable>'</arg>

And then an important question is, what are the rules/conventions for
formatting one of these things?

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | Nature is amoral, not immoral.
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | [It] existed for eons before we
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee | arrived, didn't know we were
                                   | coming, and doesn't give a damn
                                   | about us.--Stephen J. Gould

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