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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: SQL commands markup

>>>>> "Norman" == Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com> writes:

    Norman> <cmdsynopsis role="sql"> <command>load data</command>
    Norman> <arg>low_priority</arg> <arg>local</arg> <arg
    Norman> choice="req">infile <arg
    Norman> choice="req">'<replaceable>file_name.txt</replaceable>'</arg>
    Norman> </arg> <group> <arg>replace</arg> <arg>ignore</arg>
    Norman> </group> ...  </cmdsynopsis>

    Norman> And then an important question is, what are the
    Norman> rules/conventions for formatting one of these things?

I've asked one guy here (the one who's writing about SQL) and showed
him this syntax and some examples on DocBook TDG (including the
synopfragment page, which is very complete and has a very nice
example! Congratulations!) and he told me that this is ok. The
indentation I've showed you isn't required and is there for
aesthetical purposes only.

If we have any problem with this kind of markup, I'll be talking to
you again :-))

Godoy. <godoy@conectiva.com>

Departamento de Publicações       Conectiva S.A.
Publishing Department             Conectiva Inc.

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