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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: example of literallayout in entry of informaltable?


  Just a small problem that I can't quite figure out. I'm trying to get a
literallayout in a table entry and it works through jade if I output HTML.
If I output tex and chase that through jadetex and dvips I loose the

I've also got a problem understanding how to get tables to work for the
print version of documents. Once again it works fine for HTML (not hard)
but doesn't seem to work for the print version. What I'm trying to do is
to get a row of dates and coresponding text entries to line up in a
readable fashion:

1991	project abc got off the ground
1992    read first book and learnt how to spell
1993	project got set back by introduction of windows
2000    project abc flourishing due to discovery of
	stable software that reacts in predictable fashion
	altough it may not always do what you want. 
2400    Published trillion page technical manual for Enterprise C
	wiht no manual intervention. Data was impressed.
        End of project abc.

I just can't seem to figure out how the (informaltable) colspec attributes
for column width work in print. I sort of guess that I need to know
something about CALS but I can't seem to find anything on my system that
takes me to an answer.

  I've been reading the (online/offline) O'Reilly DocBook book and have a
running system on Suse Linux 6.4. Using the 1.54 DSSSL Style sheets and
(still) using the 3.1 DTD. I do have the 4.1 DTD but it's not in active
use YET. I have also used the 1.45 Style Sheets to cross check if I'm
too stupid. I now presume that I'm just daft and this isn't a problem. I
may need to upgrade to a newer version of jade/jadetex but jadetex and tex
are still beyond my limited horizon of understanding so I'm trying to get
new versions of those compiled and running as you read. SP tells me it's
1.3.4 and I'm not clear what the rest should tell me if it talks. Hope
that you can help me defuddle my brain as to versions and a table example.

Many thanks for any help...

	Sean Donnellan

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