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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Graphic on Title Page


How do I have to modify the "print" version of "dbttlpg.dsl" if I want a
title page that looks roughly like the following:

- After the top margin, there should be the company logo, appearing
- Below the company logo, there should be some space until the middle of
the page
- Then there should be a centered horizontal line
- a small amount of space
- The title of the document, right justified
- The author's name in small caps, right justified
- a small amount of space
- In the lower third of the page there should be the copyright notice
(copyright sign, holder, and the year) appearing centered

This whole stuff here leads me to another question: Is there any good
DSSSL tutorial? (By "good" I mean one that covers the creation of style
sheets from scratch and that is made up like a tutorial, not like a

Thanks for any help!



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