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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Newbie: XSL and HTML-Transformation with XT

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Actually, according to your mail, just the first two
> characters "<h" seem to be missing.
> You seem to have the "tml" .

Ooops! You are right. Only the <h is missing. Sorry ;-)
> I just tested xt with the latest Docbook XSL 1.23
> on idxbook.xml using the stylesheets html/docbook.xsl,
> html/chunk.xsl, and contrib/htmlhelp/docbook.xsl,
> and they all produce complete output.
> Perhaps you could describe your setup (platform,
> versions, command line, etc.).

I am also using the latest DocBook XSL 1.23 on
idxbook.xml using html/chunk.xsl ... I am using
also the packaged XT for win32 (xt.exe) for use
with the MS JVM. Maybe this is the problem?

> I don't follow why you need to stay with XT for HTML-Help.
> The contrib/htmlhelp/docbook.xsl stylesheet file imports
> html/chunk.xsl and has methods for chunking
> in saxon and xalan too.

Here are some lines from the documentation on the header
of the docbook.xsl in <instdir>/contrib/htmlhelp/

Currently only XT processor is supported, because I had not time to 
install Saxon and Xalan and play with them. Hope, that there will
be standard mechanism for multiple ouput files in future version of
XSLT standard.

Actually I am a XSLT-Beginner and so it's now not easy for me to
extend this pretty complicated stylesheets to support other XSLT
engines like Xalan, wich we are using here for other stuff. For
example this is what I got if I use Xalan instead of XT

========= Parsing file:C:/TEMP/index/dst/html/../../stylesheets/pironet
/html_driver.xsl ==========
Parse of file:C:/TEMP/index/dst/html/../../stylesheets/pironet/html_
driver.xsl took 5177 milliseconds
========= Parsing file:C:/TEMP/index/src/idxbook.xml ==========
Parser error: An element with the identifier "ch2" must appear in the 
document. Parse of file:C:/TEMP/index/src/idxbook.xml took 3535 
XSL Error: pattern = '$toc.list.type = 'dl''
VariableReference given for variable out of context or without 
definition!  Name = toc.list.type, source tree node: #document
Xalan: was not successful.
XSLProcessor: done


Dipl.-Ing. Ali Saffari - Junior Consultant - SBU Software
Josef-Lammerting-Allee 14-18 - 50933 Cologne - Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)221 770-1853 - Fax: +49 (0)221 770-1005
mailto:asaffari@pironet.com - http://www.pironet.com

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