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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: XSL for RTF or Word!!

Laurent Pointal wrote:
> ...
> Jade for Window 1.2.1
> Currently I type all my XML files with Unicode-UTF8 encoding (SC Unipad on
> Windows NT, nice for Unicode).
> My environment variables are:
>          SGML_CATALOG_FILES=o:\tools\doctools\catalogs.txt
>          SP_ENCODING=xml
> (note: I tried SP_ENCODING=XML (uppercase) and it gives me few problems
> with HTML output, where automatically generated strings (bottom of page
> with "Next"/"Previous" in french "Suivant"/"Précédent" has diacritics in
> ISO encoding while my text has diacritics in UTF8 encoding).
> After a long email exchange with Norman Walsh, my catalog file finally only
> contain:
>          CATALOG "o:\tools\doctools\jade\catalog"
>          CATALOG "o:\tools\doctools\docbook\docbook.cat"
> (I put them into a text file and make this text file my catalog file - this
> allow to easily change catalog without having to change SGML_CATALOG_FILES
> environnement variable when doing tests).
> I have defined two batch files to call jade with the right options, docrtf.bat:
> <<
> @echo Generation du .rtf a partir du .xml (DTD DocBook) et avec jade
> jade -t rtf -f error.log -d
> O:\tools\doctools\DocBookDSSSL\print\docbook.dsl
> O:\tools\doctools\DocBookDSSSL\dtds\decls\xml.dcl %1
>  >>

Thank you very much for your Advice!

Now I am able to generate RTF. But one question still remains!
I get a pure flat RTF-File. This means that the file contains only
the characters from the source document!! No admons, itemized lists,
graphics, not even paragraphs are converted. I can't believe that
this is the output I should get!!! :-(

Any idea what it can be?

Dipl.-Ing. Ali Saffari - Junior Consultant - SBU Software
Josef-Lammerting-Allee 14-18 - 50933 Cologne - Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)221 770-1853 - Fax: +49 (0)221 770-1005
mailto:asaffari@pironet.com - http://www.pironet.com

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