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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: dsssl-1.59 bug in TOC

Dan York a écrit :
> Camille,
> > Please have a look at the attached sample postscript files: one is
> the
> > first TOC page of a book processed with version 1.57 of norman's
> > stylesheets, then the same one processed with 1.59.
> >
> > In brief some extra empty entries appear suddenly...
> I saw your posting to docbook-apps, but could not view the PostScript
> file... but let me ask you this - is your problem with "empty entries"
> similar to what can be seen underneath Chapter 6, 9 and Appendix E in
> the attached TOC?

Yep, same problem, though here html is OK.

> I have tracked this problem down to the fact that in each of these
> chapters there is an <itemizedlist> structure in the part of the
> chapter between the <chapter> and the first <sect1> element.  In each
> case, I have some introductory text that appears at the beginning of
> the chapter.  In the chapters where this intro text includes a bullet
> list, I get this bogus empty entry (using the 1.59 stylesheets).
> Is this similar to your problem?

yes but that's worst: happens also under sect1, with either ordered or


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