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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: stylesheets availability

<< I'd be curious to know what people are customizing in extensive to
medium ways.>>

The biggest customizations I make are around chunking. It would be great to
be able to easily turn chunking on or off for <sectX> and <sectionX>. I also
tend to customize the look and feel things - the latest version of
stylesheets help some, but I find I still have to get into the guts of it.

There are a couple things on my wish list:
1. If the stylesheet versions could sync with the DTD versions it would be
easier to track updates.

2. I guess this is really a DTD issue, but I find myself wishing I could
attach a "class" attribute to just about everything to allow finer control
over the HTML output (using CSS stylesheets).

I have a preliminary version of a "new user" Docbook tutorial I'm working on
I'd be glad to hear comments from any who care to take a look. I created a
separate stylesheet to generate the HTML help TOC. You need IE5 to view it
in the "help wrapper" at the moment - or you can view it without the wrapper
by going to:
It's a work in progress...

Dave Crosby

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