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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: dbmathml processing problem

Bernd Rosauer writes:
 > The web page on PassiveTeX says that "PassiveTeX interprets MathML
 > natively (elements must use the MathML namespace)." But PassiveTeX asks
 > me for a file named mathml2.xmt

sure, thats the module that implements MathML. you should have it as
part of xmltex

 > dbmathml includes mathml2 instead of
 > mathml, and dbmathml uses mml: instead of m: as a namespace prefix for
 > MathML.
eh? the namespace prefixes are all irrelevant. its the namespace
itself that matters. PassiveTeX understand

 > I coundn't find a corresponding .xmt file in the latest
 > PassiveTeX distribution which I could adapt to get things working. What
 > can I do at this point to make the testmath example running?
install all of xmltex....


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