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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: More on PDF

I am creating some graphics with StarOffice to include in a document.  I am
able to export the graphics into eps format, and then convert to (e?)pdf
format with the epstopdf tool.

My questions:
1)  If I use a statement like this:
    <figure float="1" id="DFD0">
      <title>Context-level dataflow diagram</title>
	  <imagedata format="pdf" align="Center" fileref="./images/SDGDFD0.pdf">

in my sgml document, then I get the following complaint from openjade:

openjade:sdd.sgml:237:25:E: value of attribute "FORMAT" cannot be "PDF";
must be one of "BMP", "CGM-CHAR", "CGM-BINARY", "CGM-CLEAR", "DITROFF",
"DVI", "EPS", "EQN", "FAX", "GIF", "GIF87A", "GIF89A", "JPG", "JPEG",
"IGES", "PCX", "PIC", "PNG", "PS", "SGML", "TBL", "TEX", "TIFF", "WMF",

If I leave
the format attribute out entirely, no graphic appears, but the validation
step goes much better.  How should my graphic be declared in the file in
order for me to successfully use the PDF graphic?

2) In my source (e.g., the StarOffice file), I have sized the graphic to be
the size that I need for my target document.  I suspect that there are
better ways to scale and specify the target size.  Are there?

3) It is my intention to export the graphic in GIF format to use in the
production of HTML documents, and then use multiple imageobject statements
to select based on the type of target document that is to be produced.  Is
this an acceptable approach or is there a better way?  By way of background,
I have set the preferred-media-object-notations in the respective driver
files to cause the selection to take place, and I use a separate driver for
HTML and print (pdf) output and am willing to stick with this approach
for now.

I would appreciate advice and pointers to information from anyone that can
offer some help.

Lane Stevens
Terrapin Technologies, Inc.

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