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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: images and docbook


i have observed that norman with recent style sheets has moved the images
directory with a few default images for callout etc

but my  problem is it gets marked up in the final out put something like this


etc etc
notice the two periods(..) before the /images  ( path to the default directory)
and the images doesnt get displayed even if i move the directory to the place
where i have my out put 
for example if i have all my images in a directory called 
and i move these images directory into nincompoop and it look like this now:
but no go nothing  happens
but if i move it  to my top level directory it gets displayed for example something like this

this i guess is because of the two(2) periods before the image directory in the
but this causes problem if i want to pack my output as downloadable 
how do i fix this any hints 


have fun but do take care
PS: in the whole process do i look like an idiot? ;))

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