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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Inserting SGML comments with $html-body-start$


I'm trying to add an SGML comment to my generated HTML files, using the
Modular Stylesheets, by putting this in my customization layer:

  (define ($html-body-start$)
    (literal "<!-- #include file=\"header.html\" -->"))

I obviously don't want the server-side #include to show up if the file
is viewed directly, but the stylesheet seems to totally ignore the
comment, inserting nothing at all.  If I change the "<!--" to a 
"< !--" (i.e., so it's no longer a valid comment), it adds this to the
HTML file:

  &#60; !-- #include file="header.html" --&#62;

Any way around this?  If not, I guess I can add a sed post-processing
step to hack in the comments, but I'd much rather keep it simple.  I'm
using the 1.57 stylesheets.


dusk@ravendusk.org                            http://www.gnome.org
jsheets@codeweavers.com                  http://www.worldforge.org
jsheets@users.sourceforge.net     http://openbooks.sourceforge.net

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