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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: Where, what and how - The future of DocBook

I have found that a validating editor is not useful if you are trying to
take old docs and make them DocBook as I do not know how to get it to put
the tags around a block of text.


> -----Original Message-----
> > Since the conversion was completed I have been entering lots of
> > extra content with an ordinary editor (jed). I understand there is a
> > great DocBook interface available with emacs, but I haven't bothered
> > with it yet because it is not really needed. From my experience I
> > would assert you don't need any special tool to edit and improve
> > documentation written in DocBook. The tags that are ordinarily used
> > are easy to memorize. Of course, it probably helps that I am a good
> > touch typist. If you don't have that skill I guess you need to find
> > some tool that gives you WYSIWYG. But it wasn't necessary in my
> > case, and I suspect that is true for most documenters.
> Yipes -- all due respect, but I think your suspicion may be way off.
> The big advantage of an editor like Emacs/psgml is that it takes much
> of the guesswork out of document authoring. Validating editors by
> design make it hard to produce invalid documents. Using a validating
> editor, you really have to go out of your way to make something that
> won't validate. Only way you can do it is to type tags in manually --
> which you should never need to do with a good XML editing app.

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