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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: DocBook and XML Spy

Hi all.

As part of my attempt to introduce XML in general, and DocBook in
particular, as the primary documentation format in my company, I have been
looking at the XML Spy IDE.

When I try to load a DocBook document, XML Spy claims that there is a DTD
error: "text is not well-formed after entity resolution (please verify all
entities)". It highlights a section in dbpoolx.mod regarding

Now I am definitely not an expert in reading and writing DTDs, so is there
anybody out there who can say if XML Spy has a point, or if I should find
another tool?

Just for the record: I use emacs myself, and want nothing else (except more
money, of course :-), but most of my colleagues are GUI fans or use weaker

Best regards

    Rune Enggaard Jensen
    e-mail: r.e.jensen@bigfoot.com

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