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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: website XSL/DTD


i finally tracked down the culprit, as usual always you have pressed send on
your mailer ;-(
now tabular.xsl imports the docbook.xsl  but even if i give the obsolute path
like this home/maddy/docbook/xhtml/docbook.xsl i still get htese errors!
[maddy@needaguru gurukuan]$ java com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet -t gksite.xml /home/maddy/website/xsl/tabular.xsl
SAXON 6.0.2 from Michael Kay of ICL
Java version 1.3.0
Failed to compile style sheet
/home/maddy/website/xsl/home/maddy/docbook/xhtml/docbook.xsl (No such file or directory)             

norman from where is this path /home/maddy/website coming and getting appended 
whew! how do i fix these. i tried all tricks of the trade but no go. for
example i changed the path to this
and finally the obsolute path but <sigh> no go grrrrrrrrr!

how do i fix these please OMK ;-| 

have fun but do take care


PS: sorry for sending a copy to you norman but the docbook-apps mailing list
always complain about my mail so the only recourse......

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