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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: Unexpected HTML output using customization of H TMLDocBook styles heet

--- Beth Fischi <bfischi@broadjump.com> wrote:
> Would you say that what you
> suggested is the
> standard way to "style" documentation (i.e., set
> fonts, font size, color,
> etc.) that uses this particular setup? Send it
> through a stylesheet for
> basic HTML formatting and then add a CSS to handle
> the "pretty" stuff? 

I'm assuming that you're going to be publishing to an
audience that has CSS support in their browser.  In
that case, I would recommend doing everything you
possibly can with CSS, and doing the rest in XSL.  The
DocBook XSL stylesheets make this easy because they
assign class and ID attributes to the output tags,
which you can reference in your CSS.

CSS can not do everything; it can not add or reorder
data.  For instance, if you want to add a standard
footer to each page of your HTML output, do it in XSL
(specifically, in the user.footer.content template). 
If you want the footer to be two font sizes smaller,
blue, and in Courier, do that part in CSS
(specifically, define a custom .footer class and
assign properties within it).

<plug class="shameless">
My book at http://diveintopython.org is written in
DocBook XML with some simple XSL customizations.  You
can download the XML source and XSL stylesheets for
free from the home page.  Feel free to ask me any
questions about it; 3 months ago, I was just as
overwhelmed as you are now.

Hope this helps.


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